Four Ways to Tell Your Cat “I Love You”

Here is a post from our guest blogger- Alison Strickland

1. Play Make Believe.

All it takes is a couple sessions a day of butterfly hunter or sparkle-ball chase to put your kitty on Cloud 9. Besides getting a full work-out while trying to pin down that elusive red dot, a round of play-hunting stimulates your cat’s mind and helps relieve stress. Plus it’s fun.

2. Clean that Litter Box.

Cats’ sense of smell is much keener than ours. Thirty times better than our noses, in fact. Treat your princess to a pristine lavatory rather than a nasty port-a-potty. Consider the ModernCat Designs Litter Box Hider with a hook inside the cabinet to keep your litter scoop close at hand. With super-easy access, the Mox Top Entry Litter Box makes quick freshen-ups a breeze. If your cat could talk, she would say thank you.

3. Keep your Cat at a Healthy Weight.

Show your little tiger you love him by checking with his veterinarian to make sure your cat isn’t carrying extra pounds. Not only can being overweight cause discomfort and difficulty grooming, it can lead to serious health problems that shorten the number of years the two of you have to snuggle together.

4. Make Eyes at Your Cat.

Although cats generally get creeped out when we humans look them directly in the eyes, here’s an exception. A slow blink with both eyes at the same time is one way cats express affection for each other. Tell your cat you love her using her own language by looking at her with a leisurely double-eye squinch. Repeat a couple times for good measure.

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