5 Tips for Choosing the Right Litter Box

  1. Look for form and function.

Whether it’s mid century modern, contemporary or vintage, there are styles that match your decor. There are litter receptacles, furniture and accessories with clean lines and details that blend in. Think outside of the box. Move toward a shape, pattern or detail that meshes well with your current aesthetic.


  1. Size matters.  

Small spaces usually require a scale and size that is in proportion. Fortunately there are stylish options compatible with virtually any sized home. When you have a limited amount of square footage, think upright. There are top entry litter boxes (ModKat) with a small footprint that can accommodate your cat. 


  1. Match your color palette

Is your decor filled with bright and lively yellows and oranges? Or are you planning to have your cat in a space filled with cool blues and subdued greys? Think about the color tone in order to have your cat’s special place blend in. Instead of the elephant in the room, the right color will have your choice be another objet d’art.


  1. Location, location, location
Where to place your litter box is the biggest challenge for most cat guardians. While you want your cat to have easy access, you want to avoid high traffic areas. Most cats like a clean quiet area away from their food and water dishes. Consider choosing a quiet corner in a room for a location. Felign's litter furniture offers your cat privacy while enhancing your room decor. 


  1. Here’s the Scoop

Every cat guardian needs a well made scoop to maintain a clean litter box. The challenge is that litter scoops are often an afterthought. This means finding a spot for an unsightly, messy scoop. Today’s litter boxes design with the scoop in mind. Look for an integrated scoop. You’ll find specially designed holders for the scoop. (Poopoopeedoo, Modkat, etc.)  With this approach, the litter box scoop is easily accessible for routine maintenance. 


Felign is here to offer you the best options in stylish yet functional litter boxes, furniture and accessories for your home. Choose Felign. 


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